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Are Whole House Water Filters Really Worth It?

Most people think that chemistry-based whole house water filters are essential for eliminating toxins from your water. But there is new science to consider: structured water can control toxins in water.
are whole house filters really worth it

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Most water filter customers look for a way to remove toxins, such as chlorine and flouride, from their water. But, whole house filters may not be the key to safe water. Most standard filters and reverse osmosis (RO) systems do remove some toxins, but they also strip the water of important minerals your body needs. So, are whole house filters really worth it, or is there an alternative to the mainstream way of filtering water? 

We’ve gathered lots of insight and information from speaking with thousands of people one-on-one about their water confusion, preferences, and goals. Achieving the taste and quality of fresh spring water inside your home is easier than you think. Let’s explore more options to have safe water in your home.  

Whole House Water Filters – Chemistry Based

Most common whole house water filters use a combination of filtering water: chemically removing toxins along with physically removing organic material. But they have to remove toxins from water that is flowing so fast it requires massive amounts of filtration media to accomplish the task successfully. Most whole house filters aren’t big enough to do that. In addition, most certifications that filtration companies have are for their under sink devices, not their whole house filters. 

The AQUA ENERGIZER™ – Physics Based

The AQUA ENERGIZER™ is the first certified structured water device that inactivates toxins and creates H3O2, the fourth phase of water. They create profound life-supporting changes in water that cross the physics/chemistry barriers. 

Based on the research of Dr. Gerald Pollack at the Pollack Lab at the University of Washington, structured water controls chemicals by making them inactive. AQUA ENERGIZERS use physics at the atomic level by increasing the energy of the water molecule electrons to create structured water and change the state of chemicals in the water. As you can see in the Evidence Structured Water Removes Toxins blog, the physics-based AQUA ENERGIZERS changed the toxic version of nitrogen from nitrite to the life-supporting version of nitrogen, which is nitrate. 

One Option: Use a Structured Water Device to Have Safe Water in Your Home

Achieving the taste and quality of fresh spring water inside your home just requires a structured water device. Easy right? It has the ability to render most chemicals harmless, it changes the molecular structure of the water into what our ancestors drank from high mountain streams, it softens hard water, and most people say it tastes better than any water they have ever had. 

We recommend installing the AQUA ENERGIZER whole house unit to experience the taste of fresh spring water in your home with all the benefits of good hydration. It will give you high-quality drinking water, make your bathing water safe, contribute to prolonging the life of your appliances by softening your water, and improve the quality of your gardens. They are made to last a lifetime, without replacement parts. Wondering if a whole house device may be too much for your budget? An under sink or portable device are affordable options with the same hydrating results as a whole house structured water device. 

Dual Option: Use a Structured Water Device and a Whole House Filter

We feel confident that AQUA ENERGIZERS mitigate the need for a filter, providing water that tastes and feels like fresh spring water. However, structured water devices can easily be paired with a filter. A filter can be placed before or after an AQUA ENERGIZER in a home water line  to receive the benefits of both. We offer the Best Water Filter Ever and the Best Water Pitcher Ever for traditional chemistry-based filters that are effective and fairly priced. 

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