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Hydrate Now Course

Learn the essentials of hydration with Dr. Thomas Cowan, Dr. Zach Bush and Dr. Christiane Northrup
How to hydrate

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Part 1: Why Hydration is Essential

Hydration is way more important and urgent than we thought

Hydration does four essential tasks:

Hydration and moisturization

Keeps us moist

Hydration and energy

Fuels us up

Hydration helps intracellular communication

Conducts information cell-to-cell

Hydration and detox

Washes out waste

What Hydration Does: It’s Your Fuel, and So Much More

The Problem: Being exposed to our current modern environment and conditions, we are more dehydrated than ever before.

You’ve Been Living in a Desert and Didn't Know It

Our modern lifestyle and environment are dehydrating us on a daily basis.

We are all dehydrated:

Why are we dehydrated

By what we drink and eat

  • Stale tap and stagnant bottled water.
  • Dry processed and packaged foods.
  • Too many lattes, coffees, and teas.
  • Alcohol, sodas, sugar-laden juices, and even energy drinks.
  • Medications, whether prescribed or OTC
Why are we dehydrated

By our immobility, when we:

Why I'm dehydrated

And by our current environment, where we:

All of these things, throughout our day, add up and evaporate the water within us. Dehydration literally withers and shrinks us, reducing each cell’s buoyancy and lifespan.

Dehydration Results in Many Seemingly Unrelated Conditions: The Epidemic Behind the Epidemics

Research says dehydration is the link to many, if not most, ailments. Dehydration contributes to a whole host of complaints, including:

So, hydration doesn’t just keep you moist, it actually gives you energy you need for thinking, feeling and healing.

Everyone knows water conducts electricity, and that is true inside of us as well. It overcomes fatigue and lack of focus, gives you fluid easy movement and washes away all waste and contaminants in your system. Proper hydration is preventive care.

Hydration Really is Your Upstream Solution

Dr. Thomas Cowan is a paradigm-shifting MD, asking simple why and how questions to unlock how health and healing really work. Listen to what he has to say about how energy is vital to our health.

Part 2: How To Hydrate

Real Hydration Basics: Eat, Drink and Move!

Filtered Water Isn’t Enough


Drink a Better Kind of Water, and It's Not 8 Glasses a Day

Electrical Charge Determines the Quality of Water

Because of the energy in structured water, you can drink less water and be better hydrated

Depending upon your dietary needs, there are several simple options to add energizing minerals to your water.

Turning Tap Water into Nature’s Water for Optimal Hydration

Aqua Energizer Structured Water Devices

Immediate Action

Put a pinch of sea salt in your water to get you on the road to hydration, it’s a good start! If you are on a low sodium diet, consider mineral supplements such as mineralizing electrolyte drops.

Further Action

Use energizing structured water devices from our Structured Water Superstore to make your tap water charged, to use at your sink, in your shower, baths, gardens, pools and for your pets.

Hydration Also Comes From What You Eat and Moving Your Body


Immediate Action

Add a side of veggies to every meal you have, including your breakfast smoothie!

Further Action

See our recipe section for hydrating foods. You can also drink lots of smoothies and eat home made soups, salads, as well as fats, like those from olive oil, nuts, fatty fish, and free-range eggs, and if you eat red meat, buy grass-fed meat. 

Let’s follow the electrical charge; electrical charge is also generated by moving.


Immediate Action

Watch how fascia works inside you. This video is a beautiful view of our body at work. See these few seconds (0:25) of wonder to know what we mean by movement hydrates hydraulically. You’ll see how water gets delivered. Here is the View of the Living Fascia by Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau, our leading expert on fascia:

Now that you know how important hydration is, consider the following resources

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Structured Water Store

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