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Hydration 2 Optimization: Creating a Plan

We might not notice it but our environments are very dehydrating. We spend most of our days in front of a computer, without moving and so immersed in the daily activities that we barely notice we're thirsty or tired, some of the signs of dehydration. If, as Gina Bria from the Hydration Foundation says "8 glasses a day is not the way", then How to stay hydrated?
How to stay hydrated create a plan

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When something is really important, we think about it, write it down and even create a plan to make sure we stay aware. Hydration is that important and yet, until now, almost all of us take it for granted.

If you’d like some support with hydration, we suggest creating an H2O Plan.

Creating a H2O Plan is going to be one of the most important things you ever do in your life. The reason why we stand behind this bold claim is that to fulfill your life’s purpose you have to honor your body in such a way that it can carry you where you are destined to go.

To create your H2O Plan follow these simple steps:

1. The most important part of creating your H2O Plan is that it works for you and the changes you intend to make become a reality. To do this it is critical to create a communication structure and we have a very simple one.

Please open an email that you will send to yourself. In the subject line write: “I am structured, energized, connected and in the flow.”

Use this email as a structure for fulfillment. As you work through the H2O Plan process, utilize this email as a way to record your journey and keep things simple. When a thought about your health, hydration, life’s purpose comes up and you are touched, moved, inspired or motivated, open the email, write a note about it and send it to yourself. As you do this day after day, you will keep a running dialogue about your experience of creating Water Magic in your life.

2.In your email, you may want to write how you feel about water, your health, and your life’s purpose. This can be as short as a few sentences like “ I feel _______ about hydration. I wish _______. If i were better hydrated I would _____________.”

3.When you are complete with adding to your email for today, send it to yourself. You can revisit it anytime you wish as it will be there waiting for you to add on to it.

Everyone knows that we “should drink more water” but not everyone does. Proper hydration is a key not only to optimal health but more so because your body is the vehicle for your spirit/soul to accomplish its purpose. The truth is that the flow of water through you has everything to do with your flow with life.

You are the gatekeeper for how water moves through you. Are you in the flow of life? Do you resist and get stuck on circumstances? What if the secret to this was really simpler than you imagine?

If drinking “8 glasses a day” feels like something on your chore list, these suggestions can establish the habit more easily.

Place a glass of water by your bed as you turn in at night. Bless your water in the morning to release any energies it accumulated through the night. Then start your day by drinking this water, brimming with love and positive intentions, to replenish your body, which has used so much water to rejuvenate you while you slept.

Hydration happens by being proactive throughout your day. Forget about your thirst mechanism and drink ahead of it all day. Thirst is a delayed reaction and the thirst mechanism in most of us has already shut down. Keep your water with you always; drink in sips instead of gulps.

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