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Is Structured Water Real? – The Evidence is in Nature

Is structured water real? Let's take a look into where it can be found in Nature and how beneficial it can be for humans, animals, plants, and even entire ecosystems.
Is Structured Water Real

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Why do plants look so vibrant after a rain, but when they are watered with groundwater, it just isn’t the same? The answer is in the molecular structure of rainwater. You probably think of the formula for water as H2O, but the water in rain, rivers, and springs is different, it is H3O2, a form of water that is beyond liquid, solid and vapor. This 4th phase of water, between liquid and ice, is known by many names including structured water, EZ water, gel water, vortexed water, and hexagonal water and is known for its ability to store and release energy. H3O2, or structured water, is the reason why plants love rain; it is energized and hydrating, as nature intended it to be.

When water is structured and forms H3O2, the water bonds together and creates a hexagonal shape with each bond, allowing the molecules to become energized like little batteries. Because the water is bonded together, it is able to carry information and move within living cells more efficiently. H3O2 is created naturally by the hydrological cycle. The sun, atmosphere, rain, tumbling rivers, and minerals structure it. Hexagonal water can also be created in your home by vortexing the water and using crystals that hold electromagnetic energy, so you never have to go without water that hydrates like a fresh mountain stream.

Who Found H3O2?

Structured water is not a marketing scam, it has always been present in nature, but the scientific properties of it weren’t discovered until about a century ago. Physical chemist Sir William Hardy suggested there was a 4th phase of water during his studies. Naturalist and inventor Viktor Schauberger understood the different properties of water and used his findings to revolutionize the logging industry in Europe during the 1920s. Other authors and scientists over the years have referred to an “order, structure” or “crystalline” state of water which answers everyday questions from why gelatin holds water or why teapots whistle.

Although scientists knew about this water before, the actual molecular structure of structured water was not known until Dr. Gerald Pollack, a biomedical engineering research scientist at the University of Washington, discovered H3O2, the 4th phase of water beyond liquid, solid, and vapor. 

Always Look for Scientific Evidence

New science discoveries are always met with pushback, that’s why sources like Wikipedia create skepticism around new science ideas. However, since anyone can create a Wikipedia page, you may simply be reading one person’s biased and unscientific interpretation of the information. The Hydration Foundation has worked diligently to bring scientists and doctors together to validate the credibility of structured water. You can read their response to Wikipedia here.

There is still much to explore when understanding the mysteries of structured water, nonetheless, our understanding has expanded substantially thanks to scientists who are continuing to research and understand why water is the source of life. 

Structured Water Inside the Human Body

Not only has this water been present in the spring water your ancestors drank, your body actually structures and uses H3O2 inside your cells, too. Living bodies are one of the most amazing representations of how important structured water is to life. Medical doctors and scientists have extensively researched the importance of hexagonal water within the body and the importance of hydration.

Dr. Gerald Pollack actually discovered H3O2 when he was looking at human physiology and cellular function, and that’s how he figured out the unique abilities of the 4th phase of water and its presence in nature. You can learn more about structured water and cells in this video. 

In addition to Pollack’s research,  Dr. Zach Bush found that cell to cell communication relies heavily on proper hydration, and if there isn’t enough water inside the cells, they can’t communicate and make repairs.

Furthermore, according to Dr. Thomas Cowan, proper cellular hydration is key to prevent cancer and other diseases in the system. Dr. Cowan has also presented research about how some functions in the body, such as the heart and blood vessels structure the water in the blood as it circulates around the body. It’s interesting that something so simple as the correctly organized molecular form of water could have such an impact on your body! 

The 4th Phase of Water in Plants

The benefits of H302 aren’t limited to humans. Although plants make hexagonal water like we do, they grow better when it rains. They are one of the most prolific representations of the existence of structured water. We know that rain is just better for everything, but it is hard to measure just how much the structured water of rain has to do with plant growth. 

To solve this question, some farmers in Texas conducted a study in 2020 to see how cotton crops responded to irrigating with well water versus structured well water. The results were jaw-dropping. Just by changing the molecular form of water with structured water devices, farmers needed 30% less water to grow the crop than the previous year, and produced more cotton. In addition to this, gardeners who have used structured water for their plants have noticed more robust plants and better vegetables. This shows how well structured water hydrates everything more efficiently. 

Is Structured Water Real?

Structured water can be found in plants, humans, in rain, rivers, and springs. Scientists and doctors are still unravelling the mysteries of structured water and why it is the source of life. However, we do know it is real and it is beneficial for everything that needs water to survive.

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