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The New Water Paradigm: Structured Water

One of the greatest virtues we have as human beings is curiosity. The Universe, playing along with us gave us many mysteries to unravel. Water is one of them. Something so obvious, but so fundamental hides secrets that we are just beginning to discover.

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– Albert Einstein

There are many properties of water that are unknown to the average person. In fact, there are said to be 43 properties attributable to Structured Water alone. The cutting edge in water science can be found in places like the University of Arizona laboratory that is studying 24 properties of Structured Water. It is going to be very exciting to see which discoveries make the biggest difference for our health and hydration.

As we examine the possible game-changing concepts in water, the one we are most intrigued by is Structured Water. It has some key and obvious advantages including:

  • Production comes from mimicking nature
  • Its most important property is energy which is congruent with living in a world where everything is energy
  • It has specifically measurable scientific properties such as negative ions which make it easy to validate
  • In most cases, it provides the only answer needed and there is nothing to maintain, add, repair, service or adjust.
  • Water itself is the moving part

“It is obvious that the next important change in the world of water is going to have to do with energy. We are made of energy and so is our world. We can add energy to water and when people learn about that and experience it, everything will change.”

– Patrick Durkin, The Wellness Enterprise SEO

We have long been aware of the transformational nature of water, how it moves between the commonly recognized states of solid, liquid and gas. As a solid, water forms ice which is strong enough to split rocks apart. As a liquid, water can be soft like a drop or solid enough to wear away the land creating the Grand Canyon. As steam, water has the power to move a locomotive.

However, as humanity applies modern technology to water, we continually see we are just beginning to discover all that water offers us. For instance we have found that water moves into a fourth state called “EZ” or Exclusion Zone water. EZ water is negatively charged, absorbs light and holds energy in its structure, much like a battery that holds and releases energy.

There is a lot more to water than meets the eye. It may be ubiquitous but that does not mean we understand it.

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