Payment Plans and Refunds

Payment Plans

Interest Free Payment Plans for Orders over $250

To support you to have the healthiest water affordably, The Wellness Enterprise offers interest free payment plans for all purchases over $250. 

Here’s an example for how it works with a hypothetical $400 order.  To begin, your credit card must be a credit card and not a debit card. Debit cards are not accepted for this type of payment. 

Choose products from our store and add them to your shopping cart. Proceed to the checkout page where you type your name, shipping information, etc.

Move down to the payment section and choose Splitit.

When you click place order,  Splitit will then send you an email that requires your email authorization, before charging your card.  YOU MUST RESPOND TO THE SPLITIT EMAIL TO COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE.

Once you confirm the splitit installment plan by responding to the email, you will activate the installment plan and be charged 25% of the purchase price or $100 of the $400 in our hypothetical example.  The remaining amount will be held from your credit card available balance until the final payment is made. In other words, the balance of $300 is authorized (not charged) for future payments.  You will then receive a notification that the first amount was charged and the remainder was authorized. Please do not confuse the authorized amount in the notification as a charge.

You will then receive an email from Splitit confirming your transaction with the subject line: Splitit installment plan approved – The Wellness Enterprise

That’s it for the day of purchase. Your order is accepted and your products are on the way to you.

If you have any other questions about your interest free payment plan, you can contact Splitit by calling or emailing them directly.

Refunds: Money Back Guarantee and Warranty

We are dedicated to educating you and supporting you as you fall in love with our products. If you haven’t yet experienced the benefits you were looking for when you made your purchase contact us and we will do our best to support you.

TWE offers manufacturer guarantees when available. Please see individual product listings in our shop for individual money back guarantee and warranty information. 

For those products that are authorized for a refund, customers must contact The Wellness Enterprise for a refund authorization prior to returning any merchandise. Merchandise received after expiration of the money back guarantee or without prior refund authorization will be refused. If the customer wishes to receive unauthorized return products back, the customer will be solely responsible for paying shipping charges.

Refunds will not include shipping charges or any other fees such as customs, duty, taxes, credit card fees or bank charges that are paid by TWE during the delivery of your order.  In addition, if you buy the product, don’t use it or install it, and then decide you want your money back, we will charge a 20% restocking fee at our sole discretion. This also applies if you submit an incorrect address with your order or change your mind after an order has been shipped.  In these instances we will refund your money less any costs incurred by us.

To receive your money back any product returned must be undamaged. Please see individual product listings for further details. 

There are no returns for VitaJuwel Water Bottles, including if you received one as a bonus with purchase. Returns for many products are offered because sometimes consumers don’t understand what they are purchasing and sometimes they are disappointed when their order arrives. In the case of VitaJuwel water bottles, people understand the idea of a water bottle with crystals in it and people frequently tell us how their expectations are exceeded when their shipment arrives. VitaJuwel products have been used extensively by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. For these reasons, we don’t offer returns for VitaJuwel Bottles.


Product warranties, where applicable, are offered by the manufacturer’s of the products we sell. TWE does not offer any additional warranties. In the event you have a warranty claim, contact TWE and we will inform you of the procedures involved.

Please note, TWE is not responsible for refunds or replacements for products that are delivered to your address. If the shipping company says they delivered it, please contact them and not TWE as we are unable to help in these situations.

Other Considerations

The Wellness Enterprise is not responsible for missing, damaged or stolen packages as a result of a mistake by the courier or the customer (ie. submitting wrong address). For these kinds of issues, TWE will do its best to help on a case by case basis.

For help with any shipping and logistic issues, contact us.