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Top 5 Benefits of Structured Water That Improve Your Health

Structured water has many benefits. It can lower stress and anxiety, reduce signs of aging, boost immunity, and help your body detox. We have compiled the top 5 benefits of structured water here to explain more.
health benefits of structured water

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Everyone knows the most important thing your body needs besides air, is water. In fact, you can only live 3 days without it! Spring water from high in the mountains has been shown to be the best for hydration. This spring water is a form of water called structured water, also called H3O2, vortexed water, gel water, and EZ water, and has a molecular structure that is more readily absorbed by your body because it is electrically charged. To explain the benefits of structured water, we compiled the top 5 benefits of structured water that improve your health.

Stay Hydrated without Drinking 8 Glasses a Day

Who has time to drink a gallon of water a day like all the health influencers on Instagram? We don’t. Drinking that much water also washes out minerals and nutrients from your body that help absorb the water inside your cells, so it is actually counter productive. 

According to Gina Bria, author of the book Quench and founder of the Hydration Foundation, being properly hydrated isn’t about the quantity of water that you drink but the quality of water. We know water conducts electricity, but when water is in the correct molecular alignment, it can hold that electricity like a battery. So, when you drink structured water, it flows into your cells faster because your cells don’t have to use their own energy to absorb the water.

Here are some interesting facts about staying hydrated with structured water:

Lower Stress and Improve Your Mood with Structured Water

Research shows that as little as 1% dehydration in the brain negatively affects your mood, attention, memory and motor coordination. That’s why some people get irritable and have headaches when they are dehydrated. Because structured water is so readily absorbed by the body, it has the ability to reduce anxiety and stress and contributes to an overall feeling of wellbeing. 

Dr. Sara Van Anrooey witnessed a large improvement in her patients with anxiety and depression just by having them drink more hydrating water and eating lots of water-rich fruits and vegetables. She explains in this video how her patients can’t believe how great they feel after drinking structured water. 

Benefit your Body by Detoxing and Boosting Immunity

Not only does proper hydration with structured water improve emotional states, it can improve physical states too. When you are dehydrated, your body must send all the water in your body to your vital organs, such as your kidneys and heart, leaving your digestive tract and other organs depleted in nutrients and dehydrated. When you are properly hydrated with structured water, or structured water from watery fruits and vegetables, your digestion improves, the microbiology in your gut strengthens, your body can detox properly, and your immune system function is drastically improved.  

Dr. Michelle Veneziano, DO, an osteopathic family medical doctor, says when we drink structured water, our bodies are able to detoxify much more efficiently. “According to studies that have been done through the Hydration Foundation,” she says, “structured water is able to move across the cell membranes many-fold more efficiently into our cells. Toxins are “rinsed” out, and the structured water actually changes the form of many toxins, rendering them less absorbable.”

Dr. Ben Edwards, M.D., an integrative family medical doctor, also touches on these points in this short clip about the importance of hydration and immunity.

Increase Flexibility and Reduce Signs of Aging by Hydrating Your Fascia

Fascia are the fibers that connect your body from head to toe. They are part of every muscle group, in between your organs, and right under your skin. Fascia is also a hidden irrigation system which also conducts cell-to-cell signaling, and is also like an extra circulation system. If you are dehydrated, your fascia is too, and it prevents your muscles from moving and ages your skin.

Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D., an expert in women’s longevity, believes that a healthy fascia contributes to a youthful, healthy life and prevents aging. In this video, she explains the importance of real hydration and healthy fascia for a healthy life.  

The Biggest Benefit of Structured Water: Energize Your Body And Boost Cell Repair

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of structured water in the body is the ability to streamline all electrical and communication processes in the body. Cells rely on water to help with cell-to-cell communication and all processes of the cell. Because structured water is electrically charged, it is readily absorbed by the cell and lends energy to cell processes. 

According to Dr. Veneziano, it is especially important in helping proteins inside the cell do their job. If the body has a hard time getting water into the cell, cell efficiency declines. “Proteins are used for all kinds of biological processes inside the cell…if the cells can’t produce functional proteins, they can’t do their job very efficiently. Obviously they can do their job, but what we’re talking about is a gradual decline in efficiency in the communication channels of the body and you can call that aging.” 

The electrical charge structured water holds contributes to the overall energy of the body as well. Dr. Zach Bush, M.D., brings attention to this point in this interview with Gina Bria, founder of the Hydration Foundation. 

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