Water and Consciousness

 A new awareness is yours…

Dehydration: Consciously Overcoming Chronic Fight or Flight

Water can help you unlock the peace within you

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Nano Soma Discovered by Dr Raghavan

The Discovery of NANO SOMA: Dr. Raghavan, Ph.D.

NANO SOMA Food Supplement is a plant-based, nanoemulsion containing policosanol. With 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Raghavan Ph.D. discovered NANO SOMA while looking for a simpler way to address the rising health problems of the modern era.

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How long does structured water stay structured

How Long Does Structured Water Stay Structured?

A question many people ask when they begin drinking structured water is: how long does structured water stay structured? Here, we break down this question by exploring the many different environments water can be exposed to that affect the molecular structure of it.

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Dr. Thomas Cowan Structured Water

Dr. Thomas Cowan on the Importance of Structured Water

“Health is the state of perfect intracellular gels.”

Experience the significant relationship Dr. Thomas Cowan has unveiled between structured water and blood flow, cancerous tumors, and epigenetics. This information goes well beyond traditional hydration. Water, and its unique structure, is pivotal to life itself.

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