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Water: One of the Most Important Relationships in Your Life

If God was something, is not crazy to think It's water. Without water, there would be no life, therefore it could be called the spark of life as well. What would happen if you saw water not as something you drink, but as drops of life? Would your relationship with water change?

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Water surrounds us, we drink it, we cook with it, we clean with it, we swim in it, we sail in it…

Just take a moment to imagine what our world would be like IF WATER JUST DISAPPEARED??????????  It actually would be the beginning of the end for mankind on the earth.

Now, imagine this… Looking at water as an entity to have a relationship with. A being to talk to, to express feeling towards, to have with you as a companion at all times, to be your preventive care specialist, to cleanse you, to hydrate you. Water lives inside of you.

Whether you’ve considered it or not, the most intimate relationship in life is with water. It seeps into every layer of our beings, soaking every cell of our minds and consciousness. We drink it in, and water literally becomes a part of our every cell and between-cell.

Our relationship with water is more than a friendship. We belong together. We work in harmony as water is our carrier and we are the generators of its content. It penetrates our cells and crevices and cleanses us on every level as we share our deepest and most private thoughts safely and without concern.

We are always directly touching one another in a sacred dance that can move as deeply as we allow.

“If Divinity is hiding in plain view somewhere, I think we should look in the water"

Water Magic Participant
We are beginning to realize the full magnificence of water, given to us by the Creator of the Universe, surrounding us and flowing through streams, lakes and oceans. Yet in our daily living, we so easily forget about the amazing power, magic and mystery of the Earth’s elixir.

We are one, with each other and the earth. Just like our Earth, our bodies are made up of minerals and water. 70% of our bodies are water. Just like our Earth. Nature makes no mistakes. It is impossible to know where one ends and the other begins.

Even though man has accomplished many things here on Earth, even reaching to the stars, and has been prolific in his creations to the point of creating many alternative biological structures, man has not been able to create water.

As we deepen a new and honorable relationship with water, it dawns on us that it is a magnificent creation, a living being, just like you and me. Water is Life, Love and Consciousness. Water is a sacred core of Life, you are water.

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