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Water and Memory

Understanding that water has memory is more than knowing that water crystals are influenced by words or sounds. Water truly listens to us, even mirroring our thoughts and attitudes back to us.
The Memory of Water

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On top of our own thoughts and feelings, even if we keep ourselves clear, water saves everyone else’s thoughts and carries them right into our bodies – including the planet’s accumulation of years of fear, conflict, greed, anger, guilt . . . yuck!!!

Thankfully, there is a rescue remedy for this toxic overload. All the memories water has accumulated are released as soon as water is structured. Reawakened and alive, Structured Water has the capacity to enter your cells and clear the toxins out.

Let’s stop to reach for our water, right now. Pause, hearts full of gratitude, before taking a good, long and slow sip, savoring the gift it is. Thank you so much, Water, for protecting and nourishing me. You give me Life!

Dr. Emoto’s photographic evidence of the influence of words and sound on water crystals has touched millions of people, opening them to the possibilities of the memory of water. As this idea spreads, people are beginning to understand and espouse new ideas about water as living consciousness. As you will see in the videos below. Some of these ideas are new and others have been around for a long time.


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